Education project NeuroComSkills
We created a program for young adults aiming to gain competences of the future with help of neurotech and science
What is NeuroCom Skills?
Today we live in a world dominated by the Internet, which provides a global platform for communication. However, the world of technology is volatile and rapidly changing and ready to be replaced by the next network generation. This new kind of network uses not only traditional and already familiar ways of communication, but also neurocommunication and neurointerfaces - new technologies providing online collaboration in work and in real life. These forward-thinking technologies change the relationship between human - computer interaction systems. We call this network NeuroWeb.
NeuroWeb space requires humans to have new competencies and skills. A man of the future has to be able to work in various spheres - both technological and communicative, including group communication psychology, self-regulation methods and techniques of building successful teams and communities. In a world, where simple aсtions are automated and completely or partially done by machines, the key role-plays are a set of competencies which allows you to provide constant collective development in the new constantly changing technological environment. In other words - ability to "learn and relearn".

This is what NeuroCom Skills is.

We developed truly unique educational programme, allowing to master NeuroCom Skills by means of neurotechnologies and cutting-edge teaching methods.

The program is built around competences of the future. They are taught coherently and each competence is being put into practice.

Competencies of the future or NeuroWeb competencies, can be put in a form of a pyramid. The basis has simple bodily functions and the top has complex and intellectual functions. These functions, are being demanded by the complex world of technological transformations, competences of manageability and adaptiveness to changing conditions unite the pyramid.

Moreover, competencies also focus both internally and externally. Internal competencies, focus on ability to control oneself whereas external competencies, focus on ability to communicate and interact with other people.

How do we teach?
Coaching and career-guidance
Goal setting, defining of a personal development trajectory and skills in managing time resources, methods of foresight, balancing the spheres of life, time management and career guidance.
Techniques of self-regulation and self-knowledge
How to understand and manage your own mental state, how to fight with stress and how to live in a harmony with oneself.
Methods of training of effective communication and development of art
Collective work and projects, gamification, presentations, leadership and command cooperation.
Unique tools
The competences are taught with both traditional methods and use of neuro-interfaces, methods of bio feedback, game practice and Science Art technology.
What is in the result?
After finishing the course participants not only will master Neuro Tech Skills and be well prepared for life in the new world of technology, but they will gain the following new knowledge:
How the brain works
How do organisms and the brain work? How are bodily functions connected with your mentality and emotions? What theoretical and practical approaches to conscious work exist?
Communication and creativity
Which process exist in the field of work including:
Communication methods
Channels of communication
Mistakes and Manipulation
What approaches to creativity exist?
What is creative imagination and how can we boost it by ourselves and in other people?
Technologies of the future
What interfaces for connection of the human brain and technology, computers and robots exist?
What are perspectives of their evolution?
What programmes of artificial intelligence exist today and what should we expect from it tomorrow?
How can we learn to create and interact with it?
What technologies and programming tools are able to help a man exist?
How are they created and designed?
Who is this course for?
NeuroCom Skills course can be integrated and adopted to programmes of:
  • Children's camps
  • High Schools
  • Universities and colleges
  • Educational and professional oriented courses
Do you have questions? Want to learn more?