KnowFlow is not just another concept map, it's your go-to assistant for group discussions
KnowFlow visualizes and structures your conversations. With built-in voice recognition input and semantic analysis feature, KnowFlow creates precise structure and content of your discussion, by building a concept map with tags, authors of a phrase and relevant connections between map items. Now you can truly focus on your conversation without fear of missing out on important parts of a conversation.
Key Features
Voice Recognition
Voice recognition engine and AI semantic parsing allows to create real-time visual interpretation of a dialog by converting it in a graph format, highlighting the meanings and categories, hence teams can focus on a discussion without spending time on writing the content and fear of missing out on an important detail.
Ontology Sets
KnowFlow helps building ontologies and creates collaborative ontology sets, which can be edited and used in the future by team members
Summary of your meetings
KnowFlow helps you summarize your conversations. No need to scribbling, the system will do it all for you. All you have to do is talk.
Real time editing for multiple users
Share your map with as many people as you like and edit it real-time with your teammates
Knowledge storage of your work
Knowledge management function allows to extract knowledge(content) from the dialog, organize it and store in the interface. The system can provide data on particular topic discussions for a certain period of time (i.e., you can extract discussions on a project in a text format which were held during a year)
Editing History
You can always review editing history (with authors) in a timeline and restore any version.
Comments, attached links and files
Collaborators can quickly comment on a node, attach documents and links, which can be seen live for all of collaborators
Presentation mode
With KnowFlow you can convert your maps into dynamic presentations
Integration with task managers and calendars
Quickly transfer your KnowFlow items into a task manager such as Trello or in the system of Compractice
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