It's a project management tool, social network and personal development trajectory support engine
It is a social network for teams and communities, which helps implementing projects to structure and organize work on a project, as well as build each participant's personal development trajectory. When interconnected with KnowFlow, it converts your concept map items into tasks and projects.
Initial idea behind developing this platform was to build a project workspace for Communities of Practice, independent self organized communities of people sharing the same values and ideas and working on various projects together.

However ExoFlow platform can be used for any teamwork.

The system analyzes projects goals and compares it with individual workload and competencies of each participant, sets tasks accordingly, in order to meet goals of each project. ExoFlow visualises project work process and shows each participant's individual intake.
Key Features
Personal skill set portfolio
Each user can fill in information about his/hers skills, competencies and experience to create a competence tree (structured skill set for concrete activity). Along with that there is an engine for peer assessments, which builds a so-called "confirmed skillset portfolio", which are basically skills that each user has confirmed by other users when working on a project .
Personal development trajectory builder
With the platform you can build your personal development trajectory. I.e. you would like to gain or improve skills like system thinking or collective work, the system will tell you which kind of projects you should take part in, as well as what kind of knowledge you need to gain.
Task management within a project
Each task has a timeline, assignee, importance & type
Foresight module (Roadmap builder)
ExoFlow helps to create road maps of your project with option of trends analysis.
Responsibility management system
There is a possibility to attribute project participants to specific tasks, as well as an option to assign tasks to certain positions (i.e. management, technology, entrepreneurship) and ascribe people to certain positions
Calendar system
The platform allows to see calendars of each participant (integrated with Google calendar)
Human Resource management system
Allows to set up available and needed amount of resources for each task, as well as manage resources of a task, project or a community.
Template management system
Allows to set any project as a template - including task, position maps, timelines and required competencies to the project participants, resources and deadline. They system allows to use this template to launch typical projects.
Have an idea, but it doesn't seem to fit the project? Put it in the IdeaBox to share with other teams, which means that they can implement it in the future
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