Module for realtime emotional state and cognitive load aspect monitoring and analysis.
Group-a-Ware provides real-time feedback on emotional state and cognitive load levels of a group and individuals which can be used for a group meeting, educational process or individual tracking, by measuring brain activity with innovative and safe EEG headset and biometric wristband
For Student
  • During the study session student sees his individual cognitive load metrics, biometric and psychophysiological indicators of inner state. This helps to increase engagement and self productivity.
  • Group-a-Ware tags moments when the student did not understand the material or was not focused enough. The technology also allows students to tag any moment themselves.
  • By the end of the study session the system provides visual data, including tags, allowing students to get back and dive into the exact area for further review.
For teacher:
  • During lecture a teacher instantly receives data on how well students understand the material and their general functional state. The feature allows to provide immediate assistance for students or change lecture dynamics in order to make learning process more effective.
  • After a class is complete, teachers are provided with a graphical representation of the study session. Group-a-Ware also tags moments when students were not focused enough or did not understand the material. Teachers review the exact moment, analyze it and understand the root cause.

As a result group participants learn more effectively and quicker understand study material, and teachers increase their quality of work by boosting engagement of the class.
EEG Headset
Biometric wristband
Compatible with desktops, laptops, Android and iOS mobile devices
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