NakedMinds Lab creates solutions for enhancing human to human communication by using neuroscience and technology
We are building Virtual Collaborative Assistant (VCA) - an augmented collaboration ecosystem, which amplifies collective intelligence.
What is VCA and why you need it
VCA, powered by artificial intelligence engine and BioFeedback devices, is your ultimate workspace, knowledge management system and project management tool, which allows enhancing collective work on ideas, concepts, and projects.
VCA brings meetings to a new level by capturing each other's "true meaning of words" with voice recognition and semantic parsing of conversations, converting it to a concept map afterward.
By measuring brain activity with EEG headset and biometric wristband, VCA improves concentration and involvement during meetings and regular working process. It allows understanding each other's perspective quicker and better with emotional and cognitive load analysis.
VCA helps assigning tasks accordingly to the right people and make sure the project is running smoothly by providing a perfect platform for it.
VCA acts as an assistant, by helping to manage workflow, being a conversation moderator and overall alert system when it comes to a group and personal cognitive state analysis.
Explore 4 essential VCA products:
When complete, VCA will be a platform that hosts applications with open API connecting modules.
Our projects
Along with developing key modules, we are working on various projects that help to evolve the VCA concept
Our partners