How VCA platform works
Self awareness, focus and productive group work
When an important meeting is happening, decisions should be taken or conscious and active group work is vital - Group-a-Ware software comes in. It consists of EEG headset and biometric wristband, which measures brain and emotional activity of group and individuals - cognitive load level, stress level and overall brain load.

Why is it needed? Well, for a moderator/leader to keep resourceful dynamics of a group work and involve everyone in discussions, and to make sure everyone understands what's going on. As well as for each team member to be able to increase concentration and his/her own productivity.
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Sense making, finding a common ground and visualize what has been said
When you start working on new ideas, concepts, etc, you start with KnowFlow - It visualizes your conversations. There are a voice recognition engine and semantic parsing of dialogues which turns your voice discussions into a concept map. More than that, KnowFlow builds ontologies of your team members, which helps to make sense of information, and of one another's interpretation of that information.
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Task distribution, project management and communication platform
After you have your concept map of a project/idea/conversation ready, ExoFlow helps you making those ideas happening, by automatically converting concept map items into tasks. The system also recommends which people are available for the project timeline and who would be the best to do the job, according to their competence track record in the company and personal portfolio.
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Virtual assistant for groups and individuals
Within the entire work process our VCA agent helps groups and individuals to be most productive and well… let's say happy.

When wearing EEG headset and biometric wristband, VCA agent not only keeps track of one's tasks and reminds of them, it measures one's brain activity, recommends to take a break when needed and in general helps to maintain one's creative and productive state of mind.

When it comes to group work - VCA agent acts as group moderator during discussions. It asks relevant questions according to the goal and topic of a conversation via chat window, keeps track of discussion timing. It also advises on task distribution within a project.
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